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Karelian Bear Dog Grawpaw's Satu
Welcome to our site dedicated to our Karelian Bear Dogs, Suopellon Pepita's Pitsi, her sister Suopellon Pepita's Piki, who we call Anu, and their puppies, especially
Grawpaw's Satu, who has stayed here with us and Grawpaw's Talvisota.  We are located in a town called Restoule in Northern Ontario, Canada.  Purebred Karelian Bear
Dogs are a rare sight in North America although they are one of the top 10 breeds in their native Finland.
Pitsi and Anu's sire is Canadian Champion Elgbjorns Kaksi Lajki.  Their mother is Suopellon Pepita originally from Finland, now living in Toronto, Canada.  Their ancestors
can be traced back to original recordings of Karelian Bear Dogs in the Finnish Kennel Club.  They boast of many show champions and hunting champions in their lineage.  
Pitsi is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, the United Kennel Club and she is recorded with the American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service Program.  Anu and
Satu are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.
Karelian Bear Dog * Karjalankarhukoira * Carelian Bear Dog * KBD
Satu and Anu June 2011
KBD's Grawpaw's Satu and Pitsi
Karelian Bear Dog Grawpaw's Satu
Karelian Bear Dog Pitsi